Maine Coons



5 Years in a row!

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Adonia’s Ziggy Stardust of Marikoons



Ziggy (aka Goober) is the one who started it all for us. He was the first Maine Coon we got and because of him we had to have more!

He has such a great, goofy personality and wants to be friends with everyone.  His latest interest has been dragging stuffed animals through the house and leaving them in the hallway or at the foot of our bed. He has managed to lug some really huge ones up the stairs and down the hall. Every morning when I wake up or when I come home from work I never know what I’m going to find.  Sometimes I come home and have to just stand there and laugh at the pile he has accumulated.

Ziggy also makes sure I get up in time for work and will began at quarter to three (AM) licking my face and my hair until I wake up. He really needs to learn though that I don’t have to get up till 4:30 and I have weekends off.