Maine Coons



5 Years in a row!

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Adonia’s Ziggy Stardust of Marikoons

Whalesback Digby of Pawstuctaway

Heritage Coon Boromin of Whalesback

MST Kerru-Kit Sean Coonery of Heritage Coons

MST Heritage Coons Jimmy Stewart

Kerry-Kit Princess Zoey

MST Heritage Coons Roseanne Bar

MST Kitkor’s Jake Regan of Heritage Coons

Ch Kitkor Amber Rose of Heritage Coons

LeBeau Minu Kiowa of Whalesback

Tabbyshack Joe Lewis of Le Beauminu

Ch Tabbyshack Dijon

Tabbyshack Princess D

Ch Le Beau Minu Autumn Glorie

Cameowcoons Colby of Le Beau Minu

Ch Essiecoons Sasafras of Le Beau Minu

Advent Hill Shelly of Adonia

DGC Advent Hill Phoenix Rising

Ch Hillside Sasquatch of Advent Hill

GRC Hillside Mr Spock of Willowplace

Hillside Belle Epoque

Ch Ryanplace Moody Blue of Advent Hill

SGC Maineline Remington of Mainely Cats

Cajuncoons Blew Byyou

Siegel’s Follies Katelin of Advent Hill

SGC Mt Kittery Henry of Advent Hill

SGC Mt Kittery Penobscot of Advent Hill

SGC Kiscata Quoddy of Mt Kittery

Kizmit Minnie Rose of Siegel’s Follies

Ch Carnelian of Illya’s

Illya’s Chloe Rose of Kizmit