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5 Years in a row!

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RW TGC Paleeni Socrates of Marikoons



Bob and I have been looking for over two years for our next stud. It was time for an outcross and we needed to find the right one that would fit into the Marikoon’s family. I had contacted many breeders and either they didn’t have any available or they didn’t have quite what we were looking for. One day while home sick from work I went online determined to find our next male and I think I looked at around 60 catteries! Finally I came across a cattery called Paleeni and as soon as I saw “Larry’s” picture I fell in love and knew we had to have him!!! High White was something we both didn’t want (never say never), but it was his face I fell in love with. I called Coleen and spoke with her over the phone and was thrilled to find out he was available and was able to come live with us!!! We spoke a great length and she sent us many pictures and she also had a black and white male available, another color I had no interest in, but she felt he was special and should consider him.

Finally in early December when Riff Raff and I went to PA for a show we met Coleen and her husband Paul at the show with the two boys (never met Coleen or her husband before but spotted Larry right away). Larry and Otis both came home with us for us to decide who we would keep. I knew I wanted Larry, but before long Otis was turning out really nice and he was fitting right in and so we decided to keep the both of them!

Larry has one of the best personalities of any cat I have ever met. Very easy going and agreeable to most anything. Full of purrs from the minute you talk to him or pick him up.  Love his large ears and his boning and a nice solid feeling guy. We are so thrilled to have him as part of our family and a great addition to our breeding program!

Thank you SO much Coleen and Paul for allowing Larry to become part of our Marikoons family.