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5 Years in a row!

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October 1, 2016

October already! The “Points” and “Rivers” litters are doing great! They are now learning to eat raw food and have begun litter box training. We are still evaluating to decide who we are keeping and who will be going to breeders. Right now I have my eye on Esker, another breeder is watching both Morgan and Sandy and other breeder is watching Mystic. We may also keep a boy from the “Point” litter as well. We probably won’t have a better idea until they are 10 - 11 weeks old.

Maybelline is now officially a champion and has enough points to be grand she just needs to make a couple of finals. Our next show is in Quebec Canada on October 22nd & 23rd followed by Hartford, CT October 29th & 30th.

Cherie has recently been spayed and enjoying new freedom. She will be available for adoption soon. Litha will be bred soon to Gossamer and will be spayed after and will also be available for adoption.

September 18, 2016

On September 1st and 2nd we were quite busy helping to deliver two litters of kittens. First Gypsy gave birth to 7 beautiful babies who we have named after the “Points” in Connecticut and then while Gypsy was in labor Poof also went into labor and the next day she had 2 kittens who we have given the theme of “Rivers” in Connecticut. Both moms are raising the babies together sharing duties. Babies and moms doing great!

This will be Gypsy’s last litter and then she will be spayed and retired and will stay on as a pet. At this time BOTH Litters are on BREED/SHOW Evaluation. After breeders were are working with and ourselves make our picks then we will let everyone know who will be available.


Spent 5 days in the hospital recently and put me behind on everything. Doing better now and working on getting everything caught up, sorry for the delay in kitten pictures.

Kittens are growing fast and doing great, not any closer into narrowing down our choices for breed/show in the Veruka/Larry litter. If you know you want a kitten and it doesn’t matter which one you end up with you may place a deposit and that will guarantee you a kitten we just don’t know who yet.


On Friday June 3 we said goodbye to our beautiful Princess Flirt. Flirt had recently been diagnosed with kidney cancer as well as had something growing in her throat. When she was diagnosed we were told we would only have 2 to 3 weeks left with her and so we have made the most out of the precious time we had left, but on Thursday night we knew we were going to have to say goodbye on Friday. We are grateful for being given the time that we had and we will miss her so very much, but glad she is able to be a peace now. Goodbye our sweet Princess Flirt until we see you again.


Not only is Gossamer a Supreme he is also a NE Regional winner! We are so proud of our handsome boy. He is now officially retired from showing and his focus will be on making beautiful Marikoon babies!

Girls! Girls! Girls!

We have babies! Lots of girls! Roxy and Larry have 7 babies: 6 girls and 1 boy! Roxy gave birth on April 27th Veruka who was also bred to Larry gave birth to 7 beautiful girls very early this morning. All great looking torties and a torbie all with white. Looking forward to see how these beauties develop


Although not officially official yet, Gossamer is now our newest Supreme! His breeder (and our friend) Lisa brought him to Florida for some fun in the sun as well as a cat show where on the 2nd day Gossamer got best cat which made him a Supreme!! We are very proud of our boy.

Also some surprising news is Foxy Roxy is VERY pregnant! This was not a planned breeding, but she and Larry had other plans. My best guess is she is due around the end of April. I am thinking around the 26th.

Veruka was also bred to Larry (planned) and she is due mid-May.


We recently had both Veruka and Accadia’s heart echoed by our board certified cardiologist and Veruka’s came back picture perfect, but unfortunately Accadia’s did not, she has enlarged papular muscles which may or may not lead to HCM or she may grow into them and be perfectly fine. Because we don’t know for sure we have decided to have her spayed and she will not be part of our breeding program. We do have a new home lined up for her.

Gossamer is officially a Quadruple Grand Champion and next we are hoping to Supreme him and get a regional win before the show season ends. We will be wrapping up the 2015-2016 show season with 3 more shows. We are heading to Canada weekend of April 9 &10th, next is Largo, Florida (co-owner Lisa is taking him) when we get back, and then the end of the month will be in Augusta, Me.

The girls Maybelline and Dynamite will be making their show debut in Canada!


Just a quick up date for now. All kittens have left for their new homes and we have none available at this time. We do have plans on breeding both Veruka Salt to Larry (Socrates) and Accadia to Gossamer very soon, please stay tuned.


We are still continuing to evaluate the kittens, no firm decisions yet on who will be available for pet. Kittens change so much from week to week we need to continue watch how they develop. Elle we know we are definitely keeping (I have wanted this color for so long!) Shirley is going to a breeder friend and we have 1 other breeder deciding which of the boys she may choose. We may also keep Aida and probably a brown and white boy.

On another note Gossamer has been confirmed a Triple Grand Champion! Our next show is February 20 & 21st and Gossamer will be competing for points to earn his Quadruple Grand (only needs a few points) then the next thing he needs is a first place win (after becoming a Quad) to become a Supreme Champion!

The girls Veruka & Accadia will also be going to the show as well and will be their first show as adults and they can now begin earning their titles beginning with champion.


Gypsy and Litha’s kittens are continuing to do great! I am very impressed with Gypsy/Gossamer breeding they gave us some exceptional looking kittens! These kittens are all still under breed show watch while we make decisions which kittens are staying and who will be going to other breeders. This is Gypsy’s last litter and then she will be retired to live her life as a spoiled pet. We are planning on keeping 1 or 2 kittens from this litter to continue to have her line in our breeding program. Right now we plan on keeping Elle and possibly 1 other. We may also keep one of the brown and white boys from the Litha/Larry litter depending on how they develop.


We have kittens galore! Roxy’s 7 are here and 3 of Poof’s are still here and yesterday both Gypsy and Litha gave birth to their kittens!! Practically at the same time. Gypsy has 6 beautiful babies who will all be on show/breed observation for quite some time and Litha gave birth to 5 beautiful babies (think all boys!) I won’t know the availability for a while yet, but please watch for updates on the web site and Facebook.


Time is going by so fast! Onyx/Poof litter is going on 9 weeks old. We haven’t made the decision who will be going to who just yet. One of the girls is going to the owner of the sire of this litter and I’m waiting for the final decision to be made.

Roxy’s litter is doing fantastic! They are all litter box trained, eating like little piggies and growing so fast. Their personalities are developing and they are just so cute I really adore this age.

Good news looks like both Litha and Gypsy ARE pregnant! Both girls are developing such round bellies. Litha was bred to Larry and Gypsy was bred to Gossamer. Both will produce really nice kittens. They will be due the first week in December.


As most of you already know Roxy gave birth to 7 kittens on September 30th! Poor girl was looking like she swallowed a watermelon. Looks like we have 2 boys: 1 red mackerel and 1 brown and white (mac?) The rest are all girls: 1 black tortie and white and 4 red mackerels. So far all are doing well and are now 4 days old. Roxy is a fantastic mom and doing a super job caring for them.


Poof/Onyx litter is becoming more mobile now. They are pretty sturdy on their feet, playing with each other as well as some of their toys. I am trying very hard to get good pictures of these kittens they have been my biggest challenge between them being dark in color and the lighting in this house does not make for great pictures, but I’m working on it.

Roxy hasn’t had her babies yet, but it will be any day now. Her belly is so huge and I’m sure she’s very uncomfortable. I can’t wait to meet her new family.

Gypsy came back in heat so we have put her with Gossamer and Litha also came in heat and she is now with Larry so in about 3 weeks or so we will know if they are pregnant.


Poof’s kittens are all doing great and are now 2 weeks old. Their eyes are opened and they are becoming more aware of their surroundings and just beginning to play with each other. They still spend most of their time sleeping and growing. This litter is currently all under breed/show evaluation and are not taking deposits just yet. Right now it looks like we may have 1 female available, but do not know which one at this time.

Roxy who was bred to Taliesin is due in a couple more weeks and we will have more kittens available.


Both Accadia “Cadie” and Veruka are here and future members of our breeding program! They have both settled in and doing great. Hope to bring them out in October for their first show in Hartford, CT.

Both Poof and Bree (belongs to our friend Lisa of Katzapurrin, I’m midwifing) are due any time now. Poof was bred to our friends Chris and Marie’s black smoke male Onyx and Bree was bred to our Taliesin both cats should have some quite beautiful babies. Poof will probably have black smokes, silver and black solids, could also have black smoke torties. I think red males is also a possibility.

Bree is a black tortie and white who carries dilute so her and Taliesin could have a rainbow of colors including: reds, creams, blues and blacks with white. Her kittens are probably already spoken for and both her and Poof's kittens will be under breed/show observation so we will not know who will be available for a while.


Poof is back home after her pregnancy has been confirmed to Atlastcats Onyx. We are really looking forward to this litter which is due around September 1st. We also got to meet our future breeding female a blue and white girl who will be named Atlastcats Veruka Salt of Marikoons. She will be coming home with us after the Regional show in a couple of weeks.

Cherie seems to be doing well after her uterine infection and when she has her next heat we will try breeding her to avoid any future uterine infections.


Unfortunately Cherie developed a uterine infection and is now being treated with antibiotics to hopefully save her breeding career. We’re not even sure if she got pregnant and reabsorbed or just never got pregnant, but as soon as her infection clears up and she goes in heat we will breed her again, just not sure to whom at the moment.

We’re still waiting for confirmation of Poof being pregnant really looking forward to kittens from this breeding!

Otis has been neutered and is leaving today to go to his new forever home. We will certainly miss this guy, but know he will do really well in his new home.

Ssshhh it’s a secret, but looks like we may be getting a new addition or two females to join our cattery, stay tuned :)


Cherie is 5 weeks pregnant and due the end of July. Poof has come in heat and is now being bred to Atlastcats Onyx. When Poof’s pregnancy is confirmed she will be coming back home. Now we’re waiting for Roxy to come in heat and she will be bred to Taliesin.

Serena was recently spayed at this time we don’t know yet whether she will be staying with us or if we will place her up for adoption. Otis is scheduled to be neutered in 2 weeks and he will be leaving for his forever home shortly after.


Kittens are all in their new homes and we are waiting to confirm Cherie’s pregnancy by Amerikoons Sawyer, hopefully will know by the end of the week. We are also waiting for Poof to come in heat and she will be bred to a black smoke. Foxy Roxy will soon be a year old next month and will be bred to Taliesin, so some exciting times are ahead.


Due to computer “issues” we’ve been behind on our updates. I was hoping to announce Cherie was pregnant by Otis, but she came in heat the other day so we have sent her to be bred to Americoons Tom Sawyer and we should know in about 3 weeks if she is pregnant.

Otis will be neutered very soon and will be placed in a home of someone who has a kitten from one of our previous litters. We will certainly miss him, but he will do much better in a non cattery home.

Our red girl Adelle who we placed a while ago is coming back to us in a few weeks due to work related issues. Adelle is a sweet, red girl who will soon be looking for a home (pictures coming soon). If interested please contact us. Also from the same home a young red male Galahad is also coming back to us and will be looking for a home as well.


All of the kittens are doing great. Gypsy’s and Larry’s “Onion” litter are now starting to eat raw food and learning to use the litter box. Litha and Larry’s “Moon” litter have become more mobile have been upgraded to the octagon pen and will begin introductions to raw this coming weekend. We do still have 1 kitten available from the “Moon” litter: Chandra the red and white silver female.


Unfortunately Chive developed pneumonia, we believe she vomited and aspirated. I rushed her to the vets yesterday, but the only thing they could recommend is that she go to an Emergency hospital and be put on O2 for 24 hrs a day until better if she was even able to recover. We decided the merciful thing to do would be to have her euthanized so she wouldn’t have to suffer any longer. We truly miss her.


We have now named and posted the “Onion “ litter. At this time Chive will not be available till further notice. She is being tube fed and continues to hang in there, but is not completely out of the woods yet.  As soon as we are sure of her health status she will be made available. You may inquire about her if interested.


Litha gave birth to 6 beautiful babies on Tuesday March 10th! Mom and babies are doing great. At this time it looks like 5 boys and 1 girl (not 100% on their sexes yet). There are 2 red/silver boys, 3 red boys and 1 black tortie female, all with white. Stayed tuned for availability.


As most of you know Gypsy gave birth on Thursday February 26th and has 6 new beautiful babies! 4 girls and 2 boys. I don’t know at this point if any will be going to breeders, but kitten theme names and availability will be posted the weekend of the 14th. If interested you may request a kitten buyer application.

Litha is due in a couple of weeks and we will soon have more kittens. My guess she is pregnant with 3 - 4 kittens. We looking forward to meeting them.

Serena is unfortunately not pregnant. We are really not sure what is going on with her, but she may have some cysts.

We will soon be scheduling her for exploratory surgery to see if we can find out what the problem might be.

Persephone who was recently adopted has left for her wonderful new home yesterday. We certainly will miss her, but happy that she now has a new forever home where she can be spoiled as a queen of the castle.


Litha is definitely pregnant and has a little belly to prove it! Gypsy’s belly is quite large, and Serena is not showing at all. I believe she is still pregnant, but not positive anymore.

Our latest news is to welcome our newest boy and future stud Katzapurrin Gossamer of Marikoons aka “Gus”. This gorgeous red boy comes from our very good friend Lisa Burtsche. This was an opportunity that we couldn’t pass up! Stay tuned for Gus’s page for pictures and more info, coming soon.

Persephone has also been adopted and will be leaving us at the end of February.


We believe Litha is pregnant! She will be due mid March.

Persephone is now available. If interested please contact us for more info


We believe both Gypsy and Serena who have been bred to Larry are pregnant! Gypsy is due the end of February and Serena is due around March 9th (may actually be due sooner).

Serena has had difficulty in the past getting pregnant and carrying to full term so she will be carefully monitored throughout her pregnancy. We are really hoping for a successful litter.

Litha has also been bred to Larry, still waiting to confirm.

Please note we do not take deposits until kittens are at least 2 weeks old.

I will be trying to do more updates on this site as I have time. I want to add more links and info to the Nutrition page. As some of you know cat nutrition is our passion here at Marikoons. We spends lots of time researching on what’s best to feed your cat. At this time we firmly believe that feeding a raw diet is the BEST diet for your cat for a long healthy life. We are also aware though that not everyone has the time or the interest in feeding raw which is why we continue to research other feeding alternatives and we will be putting more info concerning these choices on our web site in the nutrition section.