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What’s New

Last updated: 07/18/2019

Ursula has been bred to our friend’s boy Darius of Elegant Lynx cattery and

is due mid-August. 

We are continuing to watch Mazzy/Mikey litter to evaluate them and don’t

now at this time when they will be available. 

It’s official! Marikoons Magic Mike has earned his Lifetime Achievement

award in TICA. To earn this title he needed to earn 3 Regional wins (1 of

which had to be done while he was a kitten) as well as earn an International

win. We are so proud of our big, handsome guy!

Also in other news Marcy is the proud new mommy of 7 beautiful babies (3

girls and 4 boys). They were born on June 1st. Kittens are nt available at this

time, but info will be coming soon on availability.

Mazzy is due in a little over a week.

Welcome our newest addition to our cattery and future stud George! George

is a gift from a very good friend of ours. When I picked him up and he started

purring I fell in love! Not only does he have a sweet personality he has a

wonderful earset, wonderful square muzzle, beautiful profile and some of the

biggest paws I have ever seen. I look forward to watching this guy develop.

Dinah and Mikey’s babies are growing fast! Today they have been moved

into their training pen to begun introductions to solid food (raw) and litter

box training. Tony was very excited about his food and dove right in and

gobbled down quite a bit! The girls showed interest, but not quite the gusto

that Tony has.

Marcy’s belly is growing and her new babies will be here before long (due

around June 2nd) and Mazzy’s will be due shortly after. Unfortunetly

Petunia turned out to not be pregnant, but we will try again in the future.

Dinah & Mikey are the proud new parents of 3 beautiful babies. Two black

torties with white females and 1 red classic with white male. They were born

Wednesday April 24th in the afternoon. Everyone is doing great!

The Valentines all left for their new homes and the Land of Make Believe will

be leaving for their new homes next weekend.

Also new we have added a link (on the Links page) for a site that compares

pet insurance companies to help you better decide which insurance to choose

from. Shoud you get pet insurance? Well it would be terrible to have

something happen to your pet and not be able to afford it. It is something

worth looking into and see if it’s right for you and your pet(s).

Kittens are growing fast and the “Valentines” will be leaving for thei new

homes at the end of the week. Valentine and Cupid will be going together and

Sweetheart (soon to be Hazel) is going to a show/breeder home. 

The “Make Believe Land” litter will also be leaving in a few weeks. We do

have new litters coming up. Dinah is due any day now, Petunia is due mid

May and Marcy is due early June!

Well it looks like Petunia may be pregnant after all. It looks like she’s

pinking up. It’s still too soon to tell with the other girls, but will be posted

as soon as we are sure.

We have decided that all future litters from Marikoons will now come

microchipped. We have decided the benefits outweigh any risks.

Unfortunetly, I cannot tell if Petunia is pregnant or not, but if I had to guess

I am thinking she is not, but we’ll see. Stay tuned

Still waiting on pregnancy confirmations. We should know by the end of next

week if Petunia is pregnant (bred to Mikey) and in a few more weeks we will

know if Marcy is pregnant (bred to Larry). The end of May Maybelline, Bart

and Ursula will be going in for their heart echoes and if all is well we plan to

breed Maybelline x (to be decided) and when Katie is ready she will be bred

to a friend’s red male.

New page added to the website called Raw Recipe. We have added a page

that shows an easy way of making your own raw by ordering your protein

and supplements through Hare Today.

Both litters the kittens are growing so fast! I still remember the moment they

were being born. All the kittens from both litters are reserved, but we have

recently bred Marcy to Larry and Petunia to Mikey. We will post pregnancy

confirmations as soon as we know.

We have announced Veruka’s theme name for her kittens, we have gone with

Mr Roger’s Neighborhood “Make Believe Land”. Kittens are now 2 weeks old

and are doing great! Next week we will begin taking deposits as we go

through all our applications.

Veruka and Mikey’s new babies are now here and are 1 week old today! In

another week or so we will announce their theme names. Vixen’s babies are

growing fast and are currently on breed/show observation and may become

available in the future if breeders change their minds. Vixen’s kittens now

have their individual pages set up.

Vixen gave birth to 3 beautiful babies yesterday afternoon. She has 2 red

classic tabby boys (1 with white) and one red silver classic girl with white.

Mom and new babies are doing wonderful. We have received LOTS of

applications and when the kittens are 2.5 - 3 weeks of age we will contact

you to see who you are interested in and send you a contract for you to sign

and return with 1st deposit. If I don’t contact you for this litter I will be

contacting people for Veruka’s litter when they are 2.5 - 3 weeks of age. We

are also waiting to see if two of our other girls are pregnant and we will

breed other girls this spring/summer. So there will be more babies in the


New website design is FINALLY up and running. I’m still in the process of

adding and editing pages. I need to redo the Marikoons header. It reads ok on

Internet Explorere, but it doesn’t look right in Foxfire. But it seems all the

pages I do have up are working. Please if you run into any issues with any of

our pages please let me know what the issue is that you are having and

which browser you are using.