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What our cats and kittens eat is very important to us and we try to feed them the very best. To maintain a beautiful look on the outside it starts with what is going in the inside.

At this time we are feeding our cats a Raw Diet (we make ourselves) and supplement with Nature’s Logic Rabbit (dry), Nature’s Logic chicken (can) and Young Again (dry 50/22). We believe this combination allows them to thrive.

I am including links below concerning feeding Raw. Please read them and then decide for yourself.

If you still choose to feed commercial food

please check out Petsumer Report to learn

which is best for your pet


Some Interesting Websites

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If You prefer to buy your food already made

Rad Cat Raw

Hare Today

Raw Food Products - a list of suppliers

Young Again does sell Raw Supplements to add to your homemade cat food.

For those who prefer the convenience of dry we highly recommend Young Again. It contains the highest source of protein of any dry cat food as well as no fillers and any other unnecessary ingredients.

Young Again stands by their products, VERY helpful and are quick to respond to any questions you may have.

Please contact us for a 10% discount off your 1st order.

When buying food, litter or any other cat supply try! Excellent, fast service and great prices! Highly recommend.