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5 Years in a row!

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Drinkwell waterfountain. Add one of the reservoirs and you’re all set. We have a number of these in our house.

You need dishes try to avoid plastic and stick with metal or glass.

Dehydrated Chicken These are a cat favorite!! Cats go crazy for these and it’s good for them too. We usually pick up a bag of these at the cat shows.

Kitty Springs. Our cats love the larger ones in the package. Light weight fun for them to bat around and easy to play fetch with.

Bergan Turbo Scratcher. Our cats and kittens will play with one of these for hours. One of the great things about this toy is they can’t lose the ball.

Kong Kickeroo. Another favorite toy of our cats. They love to hug and kick it.

World’s Best Kitty Litter. An all natural and safe clumping litter safe for cats and kittens. Won’t stick to their paws and get ingested causing internal issues.

Blue Naturally Fresh is another all natural litter I like. This one is made from walnut shells. It’s a darker colored litter that some say stain lighter colored cats although we haven’t had this problem with it. I like it’s nice earthy smell.

Claw Trimmers. A must have! This is one of the styles I like to use mainly for the adults. Easily clips some of the thickest claws.

Claw Trimmers. This is another style that I use. I try to keep 1 in every room so I can just grab a cat and clip away. I especially like using these for little baby claws.

GreyHound Comb. Probably the only grooming tool you’ll need to keep your Maine Coons looking great. Comb them a couple a times a week to keep them shiny and tangle free.

Cat Carrier is another important item and should never take your cat anywhere without one. Look for one that is lightweight, but durable and holds at least 20lbs.

Angled Scratcher. The one we have is called the Alpine Scratcher, but looks very similar to this one. Our cats seem to love scratching at an angle.

Shampoo. Although cats don’t need to be bathed very often (unless you’re showing) I do think it’s important to keep them used to baths in case you ever need to bathe them in an emergency.

Cat Tree. A cat tree is a must! All cats love hanging out on a cat tree. ArubaCats makes and sells ones that are well made, very durable and reasonably priced.

Note: Most of these links go to You can buy these products at most any pet store or through many pet catalogs. I just found it easier to link everything to one place.