Maine Coons
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Maine Coons
Making a healthy raw diet
For those of you who are interested in an easy method of preparing a raw diet for your cat Hare Today is a great resource to purchase your protein and supplements from. 1st choose your protein: (click on protein name) chicken, rabbit, turkey, quail, duck or cavies Next purchase the  supplement: (comes in 2 sizes) Then add fish oil. Hare Today does sell a squeeze bottle of fish oil, but if not used in a short time it can go rancid. We buy our fish oil through Amazon then we use a dedicated pair of kitchen shears to cut the amount needed and squeeze the capsules into the mixture. Then next mix the ingredients together (instructions for amount is on the suppliment package) along with proper amount of water (filtered best). Once mixed scoop about 1 cup size into your freezer safe containers (we use freezer baggies) and freeze then thaw amount needed to feed for that day. We thaw ours in a metal bowl of cold water in the refridgerator and change water about every hour (water in bowl will be very cold) to help with thawing. When ready to feed always feed on a plate rather than in a bowl (easier for them to eat). We add a tsp-TBS of warm water to take the chill off the food.
Help your carnivore THRIVE! Feed raw!
For those who would rather buy a premade raw then we highly recommend Fegnion