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Maine Coons
Feeding Commercial Foods There are so many commercial foods available, but many (if not most) are either unhealthy filled with grains and vegetables which can lead to obescity, diabetes, allergies. Some are dangerous which can contain euthanized animals, and chemicals that lead to diseases. Some of the chemicals that you wants to avoid include: BPA: chemical linked to cancer and serious diseases Carrageenan: is a seaweed extract used as a thickener; linked to serious illness Copper Sulfate: a suppliment recently linked to liver disease Meat Meal: some contain high levels of bone which is linked to high levels of flouride which is linked to bone cancer There are many other ingredients to be concerned of as well and to learn more I highly recommend Petsumer Report. We feel every cat owner should educate themselves about cat food and nutrition as well as the dangers of many commercial cat foods. We recommend the following books and links for more information: The Truth about Pet Food How to read pet food lables
Pet Fooled is a great, eye-opening documentary all about pet foods and the industry available on Amazon. It is also available free on NetFlix
Commercial wet foods that are recommended (grain free varieties) For those of you who are not interested in raw, wet is recommended (we require it). They are not perfect, but these are some of the better brands: Bravo Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul Earthborn Hound & Gatos (rabbit recipe large can comes highly recommended) Merrick Purrfect Bistro Kitten Dinner Pate Nature’s Variety Instinct Nulo Tiki Pets After Dark formulas Wellness Whole Earth Farms ZiWiPeak
Commercial Dry Food - we recommend not feeding dry food at all (MUST be supplimented with a daily wet food), but here is a list of some of the better brands Farmina Open Farm Merrick Purrfect Before Grain Natures Logic Rawz
What our cats and kittens eat is very important to us and we try to feed them the very best.      To maintain a beautiful look on the outside it all starts what is going in the inside. Cats are true carnivores, they MUST eat meat which is necessary for their survival. A Raw diet is a very healthy diet (we feel it’s the best you can feed your cat). You can truly see the dfference in a cat that’s fed raw. Here at Marikoons we make our own raw food (bone-in chicken thighs, chicken hearts and chicken livers as well as added suppliments). Making a healthy, raw diet is not difficult and the great part about it is you know exactly what is going in it. If making your own food it is VERY important that you follow a recipe exactly to be sure your cat is getting all the proper nutrients. A nutritionally complete recipe can be found here. Another option is buying pre-ground meat from an animal food supplier (NEVER ground meat from a grocery store) like Hare Today. Hare Today sells pre-ground meat with bone ground in. Lastly another option is buying a commercial raw food made for cats.