Maine Coons
LA SGC Marikoons Magic Mike
Birth date: September 1, 2016
Color: Brown Classic Tabby/White
Sire: RW SGC Flitten Lebanon Levi
of Dracoonfly
Dam: GC Smoochncoons Gypsy of
Breeder:  Jeanne/Bob Marikle
Negative for cMyBP-C HCM DNA
PK DEFICIENCY results 1 copy of
PK deficiency, cat is normal but is
a carrier
Screened clear of HCM by
ultrasound 1/19/2018
Maine Coons
Congratulations Magic Mike!
2016-2017 TICA Northeast Region
7th best kitten
4th best long hair kitten
3rd best Maine Coon kitten
NE Region
2017-2018 TICA Northeast Region
5th best cat
best longhair
best Maine Coon
2017-2018 TICA Internationally
12th best LH Cat of the Year
2nd best Maine Coon
2018-2019 Northeast Region
7th best cat
10th best longhair
3rd best Maine Coon