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Maine Coons

What’s New

Last updated: 02/13/2019

Veruka and Mikey’s new babies are now here and are 1 week old today! In

another week or so we will announce their theme names. Vixen’s babies are

growing fast and are currently on breed/show observation and may become

available in the future if breeders change their minds. Vixen’s kittens now

have their individual pages set up.

Vixen gave birth to 3 beautiful babies yesterday afternoon. She has 2 red

classic tabby boys (1 with white) and one red silver classic girl with white.

Mom and new babies are doing wonderful. We have received LOTS of

applications and when the kittens are 2.5 - 3 weeks of age we will contact

you to see who you are interested in and send you a contract for you to sign

and return with 1st deposit. If I don’t contact you for this litter I will be

contacting people for Veruka’s litter when they are 2.5 - 3 weeks of age. We

are also waiting to see if two of our other girls are pregnant and we will

breed other girls this spring/summer. So there will be more babies in the


New website design is FINALLY up and running. I’m still in the process of

adding and editing pages. I need to redo the Marikoons header. It reads ok on

Internet Explorere, but it doesn’t look right in Foxfire. But it seems all the

pages I do have up are working. Please if you run into any issues with any of

our pages please let me know what the issue is that you are having and

which browser you are using.